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Front Row: Karen LaMere, Ann Wallace (Special projects), Bill Richner (Secretary), Chris Kleinhenz (President-Elect), Paul Deluca, Wendy Way, Susan Adams
Back Row:
Millard Susman (Special projects), Sandi Haase (Executive Director), Rob Seltzer (Past President), Marcy Doelp, Susan Fischer, Esther Olson, Mary Czynszak-Lyne (President), Beth Zemp (Treasurer), Mary Metz, Joel Skornicka
Position Name Email Address
President Mary Czynszak-Lyneczynszaklyne at
Pres Elect Chris Kleinhenzckleinhe at
Past President Rob Seltzer raseltzer at
Secretary Bill Richner bjrichner at
Treasurer Beth Zemp beth.zemp at
1 year termsMary Metz
marymetz at
Joel Skornicka
skornicka1802 at

Sue Adams
sjadams2 at
2 year terms Sue Fischer
sfischer at
Wendy Way
wlway at wisc,edu

Karen LaMere
kalamere56 at
3 year terms Marcy Doelp doelpm at

Esther Olson emolson2 at
Paul DeLuca
pmdeluca at

Executive Director Sandi Haase sandi.haase at
Special Projects Millard Susman msusman at

Ann Wallace ann.wallace at
The Sifter Editor Mary Ray mbray at
The Sifter Assistant Editor

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