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Presentations 2015 - 2019

While the list below of UWRA presentations are no longer posted on, materials are available. As you review the list, you will see that some only have a video, some only handouts/slides, and both video and handout(s) are available on some.








 Sept 17, 2015 Doing your Taxes; How to get ready and how to decide whether to seek professional help or do it yourselfNo Yes
 Sept 29, 2015 Social MediaNoYes
 Oct 20, 2015 An Overview of Annuities & Relevant RegulationsNoYes
 Oct 28, 2015 Nutrition 101NoYes
 Nov 18, 2015 State of the US EconomyNoYes
 Nov 19, 2015 Food Trends and Nutrition MythsNoYes
 Dec 16, 2015 State of Wisconsin Health Insurance: What's Happening NoYes
 Jan 19, 2016 Financial & Health Risks in Retirement: The Protective Role of Powers of AttorneyYesNo
 Feb 18, 2016 The Scoop on Poop: Tips for Bowel HealthNoYes
 Mar 10, 2016 Savvy Seniors - Keeping the Golden Years in the GreenYesYes
 Apr 19, 2016 2016 ETF and SWIB UpdateYesYes
 Apr 20, 2016 Eating Well with DiabetesNoYes
 Apr 26, 2016 Computer Updates - Windows 10? El Capitan?YesNo
 May 10, 2016 Staying Independent in Your HomeNoYes
 May 17, 2016 Identity TheftNoYes
 June 23, 2016 StrokesYesNo
 Sep 20, 2016 Your Health Benefits for 2017
 Oct 13, 2016 Using the General Library System WebsiteNo Yes 
 Oct 26, 2016 Presentation on Family HistoryNoYes 
 Nov 16, 2016 History and Development of the Internet NoYes 
 Nov 16, 2016 Taxes and the 2016 ElectionYes Yes 
 Dec 14, 2016 The State of the US EconomyYesYes 
 Jan 17, 2017 How the Wisconsin Budget can Stimulate State Economy YesYes 
 Feb 25, 2017 State Employee Health Insurance Program: 2018 and beyond YesYes 
 Mar 21, 2017 Comparing CCRCs (continuing care retirement communities) Yes Yes
 Apr 21, 2017 2017 UWRA EFT and SWIB Update Yes Yes
 Apr 25, 2017 Hearing Loss and its Impact on Life Yes Yes
 May 16, 2017 Seven Keys to a Successful Retirement Portfolio Plan Yes No
 June 20, 2017 The Many Challenges of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Yes No
 Sep 27, 2017 ETC- Keeping in Touch with Friends and Family Yes No
 Sep 29, 2017 2017 Health Insurance Update YesYes 
 Oct 9, 2017 Changes in our Health as We Age YesNo 
 Oct 26, 2017 Cutting the Cord on Cable & Satellite TV No Yes
 Nov 14, 2017 Buying Smartphone & PlanYes  Yes
 Nov 21, 2017 Taxes: ins and outsYes  Yes
 Dec 11, 2017 Identity Theft and Data Breach AwarenessYes Yes 
 Dec 19, 2017 The Health of the U.S. Economy YesYes 
 Jan 16, 2018 Greater Madison Area Senior Living and Care Facilities NoYes 
 Feb 8, 2018 I don't like exercise solution Yes  No
 Feb 20, 2018 How to prepare your personal representatives and heirs to deal with the settlement of your estate YesNo 
 Mar 28, 2018 Welcome to UWRA. Yes Yes
 Apr 17, 2018 April Annual ETF and SWIB UpdateYes Yes
 Apr 18, 2018 How Not to be Wrong, Prof Jordan Ellenberg Yes No
 Apr 25, 2018 Securing our Information - Data Security and Password Management YesYes 
 May 15, 2018 Understanding Geriatric Services & Navigating the Senior Adult Resources in Dane County Yes Yes
 Sept 18, 2018 Taxes... Always Changing... Never Boring No Yes
 Oct 2, 2018 2019 Health Insurance Update YesYes 
 Oct 23, 2018 How to Capture and Keep Your Family History Using Digital Recording Yes Yes
 Nov 28, 2018 My Will is Not My Estate PlanNo  Yes
 Dec 12, 2018 Molecular Me: The Genomics Revolution YesYes 
 Dec 18, 2018 The Health of the U.S. Economy YesYes 
 Jan 15, 2019 Federal Budget, Social Security and MedicareYes  Yes
 Jan 31, 2019 The East Troy Railroad MuseumYes  Yes
 Feb 19, 2019 Skilled Nursing Facilities in Transition, Emergent Home Care Agencies and Medical OversightYes  Yes
 Mar 19, 2019 Investment Success in a Shrinking World of Global GrowthYes  Yes
 Apr 1, 2019 The Bugs Will be Coming Yes Yes
 Apr 9, 2019 Google Tools for Everyday Tasks Yes Yes
 Apr 16, 2019 SWIB ETF WRS 2019 Presentation Yes Yes
 May 1, 2019 Civil War Writing of Wisconsin WomenNo  Yes
 May 21, 2019  Making Your Money Last Through Retirement Yes Yes
 June 19, 2019 Changes to DoIT User Services, Help Desk and Repair Services No Yes

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