University of Wisconsin - Madison

Year: 2024

1January, 2024
Jan 04 Jersey Boys at the Fireside Theatre
Jan 04 Electronic Technology Committee (ETC) (bb GM)
Jan 05 Committee on Financial Matters in Retirement (CFMR) (dmz)
Jan 10 Personal Fitness Tech Clinic
Jan 11 Travel Committee (kn-z)
Jan 18 Board of Directors ( )
Jan 22 Retirement Opportunities Committee (ROC) ( )
Jan 23 Life Insurance in Retirement -- Is it needed? (dzsp )
Jan 31 Collette Travel Informational Program
Feb 01 Electronic Technology Committee (ETC) (bb GM)
Feb 02 Committee on Financial Matters in Retirement (CFMR) (dmz)
Feb 14 UW-Madison West Campus Long-Range Planning Development Plan (zp)
Feb 15 Board of Directors (z)
Feb 20 Collette Travel Informational Program
Feb 21 Innovative Uses of Instructional Technology (zp)
Feb 26 Retirement Opportunities Committee (ROC) ( )
Mar 01 Committee on Financial Matters in Retirement (CFMR) (dmz)
Mar 05 Future Housing/Estate Planning (dzs)
Mar 07 WSJ Cartoonist Phil Hands (z )
Mar 07 Electronic Technology (ETC)
Mar 09 Concert, Tour, and Reception
Mar 18 Magnificent Milwaukee Tour
Mar 21 Board of Directors (BOD)
Mar 25 Retirement Opportunities (ROC)
Mar 28 Travel (z)
Apr 04 Electronic Technology (ETC)
Apr 05 Financial Matters in Retirement (CFMR)
Apr 11 2024 ETF & SWIB Update (zsp)
Apr 18 Board of Directors (BOD)
Apr 22 Retirement Opportunities (ROC)
May 02 Electronic Technology (ETC)
May 03 Financial Matters in Retirement (CFMR)
May 13 End of Life Choices (in person)
May 16 Board of Directors (BOD)
May 17 Beautiful, The Carol King Musical
May 20 Retirement Opportunities (ROC)
May 21 What's it worth? (in person)
Jun 06 Annual Meeting (z)
Jun 07 Financial Matters in Retirement (CFMR)
Jun 12 Charming Galena, Illinois
Jun 20 Board of Directors - CANCELLED
Jun 25 Breakfast at Elie's Cafe
Jun 26 Brewers vs. Texas Rangers SOLD OUT!
Jul 23 Betty Lou Cruise
Aug 04 Adventures in Dubuque
Aug 20 Cranes, Lavender & More
Aug 27 Breakfast at Elie's Cafe
Aug 30 Discover the Colorado Rockies
Sep 06 Financial Matters in Retirement (CFMR)
Sep 24 Apple Holler Orchard
Sep 24 Breakfast at Elie's Cafe
Sep 26 2025 It's Your Choice (IYC) Update
Oct 04 Financial Matters in Retirement (CFMR)
Oct 10 2024 Elections ( )
Oct 22 Breakfast at Elie's Cafe
Oct 23 The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)
Oct 27 Discover Sunny Portugal
Nov 01 Financial Matters in Retirement (CFMR)
Nov 07 Ready or not - April 15, 2025 is coming!
Nov 12 Maintaining Bone Health ( )
Nov 26 Breakfast at Elie's Cafe
Dec 06 Financial Matters in Retirement (CFMR)
Dec 18 US Economic Outlook

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