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Social Security works for everyone! Protecting and expanding the insurance Americans love and count on (zsp)

  • Tue, March 23, 2021
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Virtual
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The Future of Social Security: A vision for greater security and protection

The COVID-19 pandemic, recent shocks and discordant politics have pulled the curtain back on America’s looming retirement income crisis, caregiving pressures, a fraying of the national community, and ever-worsening income and wealth inequalities. People's livelihoods and futures are being thrown into flux. Financial security in retirement seems out of reach for many workers. Many who receive well-earned Social Security benefits are facing increasing financial stress.

Our speaker, Eric Kingson, is Professor of social work at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. Founding co-director and current board chair of Social Security Works ( known for his writing and speaking on the politics and economics of aging, Social Security, cross-generational responsibilities, and caregiving across generations, He will describe the present challenges facing the system and discuss how the politics of Social Security have shifted so that greater protection through expansion is now feasible. He will present the case that universal programs that benefit all Americans (yes, even the rich), as Social Security was designed to do for all workers and their survivors, make our country stronger and our lives more secure. Social Security works because it embodies the best of American values--the ones that will allow Americans to obtain financial security and weather the next crisis.

Eric is co-author of a forthcoming book (with Nancy Altman), Social Security Works for Everyone! Protecting and Expanding the Insurance Americans Love and Count On (New Press April 2021). He served as policy advisor to two presidential commissions: the 1982-3 National Commission on Social Security Reform and the 1994 Bipartisan Commission on Entitlement and Tax Reform. An active volunteer on the Obama Campaign’s Retirement Security Policy Advisory Committee beginning in July 2007, he later served on the advisory committee to the Social Security Administration’s transition team. He is primary author of Ties That Bind: The Interdependence of Generations (Seven Locks Press, 1986) and Social Security and Medicare: A Policy Primer (with Edward Berkowitz), author of The Diversity of the Baby Boom: Implications for Their Retirement Years (Washington, DC: AARP, 1992) and co-editor (with James Schulz) of Social Security in the 21st Century (Oxford University Press, 1997).

This presentation is not intended to answer the daily questions of “How to apply or maximize my Social Security benefit?” or “What do survivor benefits mean?” It is expected to be a policy and politically based discussion on the alternate futures of Social Security. We suggest that a reminder of basic Social Security rules and definitions can be found in the prior UWRA Presentation and slides, specifically Lisa Lamkin’s (AARP), 15JAN2019, “Federal Budget, Social Security and Medicare,” on the UWRA website.

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