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Do I need a trust? How does a trust benefit me or my heirs?

  • Tue, January 14, 2020
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Oakwood Village University Woods, Center for Arts and Education,
  • 110


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Tuesday, January 7
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Who needs a trust? What type of trust would you need, revocable of irrevocable, to administer your estate? What are the benefits and the cost associated with each trust? What investments are the most beneficial for your trust? Joe Maier, Director of Wealth Strategy, Johnson Financial Wealth Group, will address these questions and explain how a beneficiary can obtain partial distribution from a trust and what are the approval processes. Joe will also describe the process of administering a trust that is outside of the United States.

Park Morris Drescher, Vice President, Director of Trust and Estate Services, will provide an overview of the Trust and Estate Administration departments and detail each function. He will illustrate the significant legal responsibility to make decisions within the guidelines and authority granted them for the trust and estate administration. The overall fee for administering and settling a trust will be covered in detail. Park will highlight the liquidation of trust accounts such as real estate and other assets. The trustee’s responsibility is to follow the trust exactly as written. The trustee works with in-house and external legal and tax experts as needed. The trustee oversees and coordinates the distribution of the assets to individual beneficiaries and the preparation of final income tax returns.

Following the informational presentations, representatives from both offices will form a panel to address questions from the audience.

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