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GITD: Can we learn to bank the way today's students do?

  • Thu, November 29, 2018
  • 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Oakwood Village-University Woods, Westmorland Room


Registration Recommended
Deadline: Friday, November 23

Have you watched a grandchild take a picture of a birthday check you wrote, hit a few cell phone keys, and then happily tell you it’s been deposited? How do they do that, and can we learn to do it, too? These days, when the UW Credit Union holds classes in money management for new college students, they do not spend much time on checks, because today’s students don’t do it that way.

At this GITD session, UW Credit Union representatives will share some of these mysteries with us. How do you write an electronic check and what happens to it? Can you pay your bills electronically without losing control of your checkbook? What other things can you do with online banking that might make your life easier, and can you trust it? The session will include time for you to ask questions, too. Although we will talk about UW Credit Union’s software, most financial institutions have similar systems.

Parking:   Enter Oakwood, 6205 Mineral Point Road, at the traffic light at Island Drive and Mineral Point Road. Take the left fork and then the second driveway on the right to enter visitor underground parking. Push the button for assistance. Park in any visitor stall; take the elevator to the first-floor lobby where signs or a receptionist will help you. When you exit the underground parking, the garage door opens automatically. You may also park outside in a surface spot marked “visitor.” On foot, enter Heritage at the main entrance, which is the third driveway on the right, at the stop sign.  The Westmorland Room is directly behind the reception desk at the Heritage main entrance.

Registration:   Advance registration is recommended. If you are not registered in advance, you may not receive handouts. If you or your companion registered for this seminar but cannot attend, please email or call the UWRA Office.

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