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Presentations (2015-2016) 


(23 June 2016)

  • No Handout Available

Identity Theft

(17 May 2016)

No Video Available 

Staying Independent in Your Home

(10 May 2016)


No Video Available 

Computer Updates - Windows 10? El Capitan?

(26 April 2016)

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Eating Well with Diabetes

(scheduled for 20 April 2016)

No Video Available 

2016 EFT and SWIB Update

( 19 April 2016)

Savvy Seniors — Keep the Golden Years in the Green

(10 March 2016)

presenters: Deborah Fabritz and Lindsay Fedler, Dept of Financial Institutions

The Scoop on Poop: Tips for Bowel Health

(18 February 2016)

No Video Available 

Financial and Health Risks in Retirement:
 The Protective Role of Powers of Attorney

presenter: Shanna Knueppel

(19 January 2016)

State of Wisconsin Health Insurance: What's Happening 

(16 December, 2015)

No Video Available 

Food Trends and Nutrition Myths

(19 November, 2015)

No Video Available 

State of the US Economy- Steve Rick

(18 November, 2015)

No Video Available 

Nutrition 101

( 28 October 2015)

No Video Available 

An Overview of Annuities and Relevant

Regulations - Robin Jacobs

(20 October 2015)

No Video Available 

Social Media 2015

(29 Sept 2015)

No Video Available 

Doing Your Taxes: How to get ready and how to decide

whether to seek professional help or do it yourself

(17 Sept 2015)

No Video Available 

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