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Financial Matters in Retirement

The Financial Matters Committee offers a monthly program, September through May. The scope of its agenda is indicated by its title.

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Meeting Times: 1st Friday of the Month (September-June) at 10AM; Location: UW Credit Union, 3500 University Ave.

About Committee on Financial Matters in Retirement (CFMR)

The Committee for Financial Matters in Retirement (CFMR) provides programming on financial topics relevant and interesting to members of the UW Retirement Association. The approach is to provide monthly seminars, September through May, featuring external speakers knowledgeable about the subject matter. Topics covered annually include:

1. Coming year “It’s Your Choice” coverage changes;

2. Changes to upcoming year’s federal and state income tax laws;

3. Report from the leadership of ETF and SWIB regarding their respective Board’s insurance coverage actions, investment results and projected impact on employee annuities;

4. Presentation on a legal topic – such as beneficiary designations, wills, estate planning, trusts, trustee responsibilities and expenses, etc.;

5. The State of the U.S. economy.

Through annual polling of CFMR program attendees, the Committee identifies additional topics of interest and finds speakers. Topics covered in past years include investments, asset protection, and retirement savings.

CFMR is not restricted to bringing speakers in for seminars. Over the past years, specific topics of interest have led to the creation of sub-committees to research, codify and present information through CFMR seminars. Two such instances, which speaks to the dedication of individual CFMR members, have been very well received by the UWRA membership:

1. A study of Senior Living and Care Communities (SLCCs). The subcommittee studied the most comprehensive SLCCs in the greater Madison area. The selected SLCCs were asked to provide answers to questions on: the types and number of housing units available, levels of service, fees by level service and accommodation, ratios of professional and non-professional staff to residents, etc. The results of the sub-committee research were presented in seminars over two successive years and a document of the results tabulated in a spreadsheet format that provided one discrete method of comparing the various SLCCs.

2. Update to Living Ledger. The Living Ledger of 2019 is an electronic tool for identifying and locating personal documents that heirs, executors, and agents with power-of-attorney may need when handling financial resources, real or virtual property, and end-of-life issues. This version is an update to the Living Ledger of 2007, also undertaken by CFMR members.

We look forward to seeing you at our programs. And, if you have an interest in financial matters, consider volunteering your time with the Committee for Financial Matters in Retirement!

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